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About Privet Earth

Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and raised in Vologda, a small city a few hundred miles from Moscow, Ivan Smirnov was heavily influenced by the American/British rock scene and started writing his own musical material in English at the age of 8. While studying classical piano for five years, Ivan also picked up interest in the guitar and by the age of 19 he had an independent, self-produced album under his belt. Inspired by legendary artists like John Lennon, Freddy Mercury, David Bowie, Steven Tyler, and Russian classical composers, Ivan strived to immortalize his feelings in his music and create a new feeling of rock for his followers. He later called it ‘Blitz-Rock’.


Going international was always his dream. This dream finally drove him to pursue his career nowhere else, but the entertainment capitol of the world. A few years ago, after traveling thousands of miles and facing many obstacles, Ivan finally made it to Los Angeles! “The struggle was unbelievable!” remembers Ivan, “I used to live on $5 a week at times.  One day I even found myself homeless sitting in front of McDonalds in Burbank with the only thing I owned – my guitar” But he didn’t give up. His explosive performances, unique vocal style and enormous talent quickly gained this Russian wonder respect among everyone who heard his music. In 2007 Ivan founded ‘Privet Earth!’.


The band performed under the name ‘Smirnov’ for a few years before changing their name to ‘Privet Earth!’ in early 2013. In late 2009 they recorded their debut album ‘Privet Earth!’, which was engineered by a Grammy-nominated producer Robb Vallier (McCartney, Bon Jovi, Eurythmics). The album landed them a lot of great reviews all over the world and got them as far as 2011 Grammy ballot for ‘Best Rock Song” (The Saddest Boy in the World) and ‘Best Rock Performance’ (The Saddest boy in the World, The Sunshine never cries).  2011 Ice EP has followed and was also well received with music critics and the fans. In 2012 the band’s videos for ‘A Phuken Angel’ and ‘The Saddest Boy in the World’ have climbed to # 1 spots on Radiostar TV in Rome, Italy and stayed in TOP 5 for 13 consecutive weeks.  In early 2013 Megan Mullins (drums) from Texas,  joined Ivan to create the band’s new line up and record their second full length album ‘Breaking the Ice”. 


In November 2013, the band took the 1st place in the FIAT  BAND PRIX and made a special appearance on VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown in December 2013!

In February 2014, ‘Privet Earth’ were ranked as # 1 Rock band in the World, according to Reverbnation charts,  and have become # 1 Reverbnation Artist in the World in ALL GENRES in March 2014!

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