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Going to Eleven - Which Amps Do Musicians Love to Use?



When it comes to selecting the right amplifier for your electric guitar or bass, it pays to be particular. Your amp can make a huge difference in the sounds you have at your fingertips. Some would argue that choosing the right amp is just as important as choosing the right instrument.

We talked to some veteran guitar players and gearhounds to get their take on amplifiers and other musical equipment. They discussed their favorite amps, their must-have gear, and their own musical stylings, and they offered advice for beginners. Check out their ideas and advice when it comes to all things loud.

Blitz Rock

Though born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ivan Smirnov was heavily influenced by the both classical Russian composers and the American/British rock scene. He plays guitar and classical piano, and has incorporated inspirations from both into a new style of rock he calls 'Blitz-Rock'. Ivan believes in using the right amp for the job, whatever that may be.

Every amp has its own unique sonic character. I usually work with Marshall and Vox. I love their capability to produce that big fat rock sound that goes so well with my Gibson Les Paul. I love both the analog warmth of tube and the diverse character of digital.

Ivan uses mainly Marshall amps, but recommends Fender amps for beginners.

They have that more defined, clear sound. I started with the Fender myself. It's a classic.

Ivan’s style has progressed over the years, collecting many diverse influences along the way. However, his Les Paul is in charge of the raw punk side of things when it comes to putting together Blitz Rock.

I used to experiment a lot, going from Heavy Metal to R&B to Pop and Punk. And there's nothing wrong with that. But at some point you have to find your sonic niche. And I believe I've finally found it. It's Blitz-Rock. It's a combination of Classical, Punk Rock and Electronic. It's loud, dry and expressive.

Be willing to experiment! If you’re interested in a variety of music genres, you should probably be exploring the wide range of amps that are out there too.


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