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August 26, 2013

The man has a voice. My God does he have a voice that is so needed in a genre that currently has all the personality of the corpse of a librarian. I think he can do it. I think he can save rock. Well…let me rethink that. I won’t say he will save Rock music because Rock music has turned into an old, rusted out Dodge that sits out in the weather absorbing endless bird shit. But, I will say that he might be able to start the engine and give it a couple of loud ass revs as a calling to others to help tow the genre back into the sight of the discerning public. 

Privet Earth (Formerly called Smirnov) and their new album Breaking The Ice serves as a nice reminder that some people haven’t forgot how to write a good hook that can reel in even the most jaded Rock fans. Songs like “Kool Cool Boy” I thought I would hate just by reading the title but instead, it’s a well written song with music that pulls you in to devour your ears like the monster hiding in the closet. “Feeling” is a great song but I don’t really understand the 12 second opening piano part as it doesn’t seem to fit the tone of the rest of the song. I will though, give him props on bringing back the use of the word ‘Gay’ meaning ‘Happy’ towards the end of it.   “pe” sounds like a mash-up between good lounge music and arena rock. It’s strangely invasive for I’ve found myself singing it the other day while cutting the grass without even really knowing the song yet. “pe” just has great feel and rhythm that are universal and yet quite unique. “Bull-S” is…alright. It’s better than the filler Dave Grohl puts on a Foo Fighters Album but, it lacks the power of other songs on the album like “Evrika” which is a masterpiece. 

If I were speaking directly to Ivan Smirnov who is the leader of Privet Earth, with Megan Mullins (Drums) and Shannon Deane (Bass), I’d tell him that he needs to remember where he was when he wrote “Evrika.” Where were you emotionally? Go there. That is where you need to compose from. That song soars high above all others on this album in regards to quality and mass appeal. The guitar. The piano. Your voice. It’s all perfect. The melody is soaring. The chorus is a beautiful. It is a song that people will wish they wrote.

And this is where we have our problem. “Evirka” outshines the album. Tracks like “Bull-S” and “Embryo” exist only in its shadow. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t bad songs at all, but it’s like being Einstein’s brother. You could have a great career in Business and save a group of orphans from a burning church but… your brother is always the one people will pay attention to. Basically, what I’m saying is buy this album for “Evrika” and you won’t be disappointed at all with what comes with it.

Doug Morrissey

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