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Review in Modern rock magazine (USA)


Remember the classic rock sounds of growing up?! The ones that sticks to your mind among your best memories ever, from QUEEN to NIRVANA, from BOWIE to WHITE STRIPES, from the BEATLES to the CHILLI PEPPERS…….. SMIRNOV has elements of all those & more. Led by Russian born Ivan Smirnov, the band that bears his name is melodic, infectious & innovative. Mixing guitars & cello, vocals & keyboards, their album PRIVET EARTH is a modern day classic. From standout tracks like PHUKEN ANGEL to THE SADDEST BOY IN THE WORLD, SMIRNOV make some music that sounds out in a cluttered market.

Do yourself a favor & check out SMIRNOV, it’s a reminder that there is really good new music out there. You just don’t always hear in on the corporate radio stations. Investigate & discover new music, it’s just takes a little more work these days…. but well worth it. For more info on SMIRNOV : see his videos on YOU TUBE.