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Review in Metallus (Italy)


I know, I know… To always cry, “Wolf! Wolf!” is eventually not to be believed.

Although this time we need to etch him out of the underground den where only we journalists have access.

This band (SMIRNOV) is not bad and might as well already be on MTV. Somehow it didn’t do it yet. But when that day comes (because sooner or later it will come), we’ll say with intelligent arrogance, “We told you so!”

Ivan Smirnov is Russian. And that already tells us how much time has passed since the collapse of the Berlin wall. His music is energetic rock. It is dynamic, melodic, diverse, punk, alternative, and sometimes danceable. In one word, it’s extremely modern.

That explains why a producer like Robb Vallier (who already worked with Bon Jovi, Eurorythmics and McCartney) is involved in this project.

Well, by purchasing this CD you can gain the following advantages - amuse your friends at the traffic light by rocking out with your car radio, show your taste for the unknown and make some chick believe that you are a romantic, deep down in your heart. Why not? Isn’t that how you amuse yourself from time to time?

Smirnov’s studio work can be described as an international version of our Negroamaro meets Robbie Valentine.

Unfortunately, the Live Video CD lacks in audio quality compared to the studio version. It’s clear how much work has been done on production, instrumentation and vocal arrangement. But what interests us? We’re interested in the compact disc, because it’s unlikely that we will go to Russia… not even in August!