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Metalliville Review


No relation to any heir of a popular Vodka firm, this Mr Smirnov is a talented young chappie from Moscow called Ivan.

Second mistake to avoid is being put off by the pics of him sporting his guitar in that sinisterly familiar eighties way - although a hot property on his six-string he does not resort to sometimes pretentious euro-metal or epic instrumentals to showcase his abilities. Conniseurs will call him a traitor for dishing out alternative -spangled punk metal to peddle his noises but Ivan Smirnov is one diverse young gent who tries it all out between ‘A Phuken Angel’, ‘On & Off’, ‘She Dreams Big’, ‘Take It To Mars’, ‘Ice Orkestra’, ‘Rebelz’ and ‘Big City’ amongst his other impressive samples.

Mr S’s pipes come out in clean sound with Soul, funk, pop, prog, AOR, metal and hard rock all sit their place round the table, taking their equal throw in support. With enough already there to clarify how this guy came by a Grammy nomination or two this year , the two singles - ‘Saddest Boy In The World’ and ‘Sunshine Never Cries’ which saw him towards the accolade also feature within.

A recommended look at a largely deserving new star in action. Smirnov served on extra rocks!

Dave Attrill