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Russian born but LA based, Ivan Smirnov has recorded new album “Privet Earth!” with producer Robb Vallier (Jon Bon Jovi, Eurythmics, Paul McCartney) and is ready to take on the world. The album has been preceded by singles “Ice Orkestra” and “Forest Queen” although neither appear on the 10 tracks contained on “Privet Earth!”.
The singles have an almost American frat rock sound to them, but the album itself has a bigger feel to it with vocals falling somewhere between Maroon 5 and My Chemical Romance- radio friendly and written, no doubt, with one eye on the Top 40. Future singles “A Phuken Angel” and “The Saddest Boy in The World” are joined by “The Sunshine Never Cries” (complete with echoes of Robbie Williams), “Take It To Mars” and “Privet Earth!/12,000 Miles” as the standout tracks to listen to.
Smirvov have been placed on the forthcoming Grammy voting ballot and it is not hard to see why.