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Music Connection Magazine: Artist of the Week (USA)

Self-described “blitz-rock” artist Ivan Smirnov exudes a distinctive life-force that some of us feel could enliven a Disney movie, such as the Frozen franchise. The artist’s confident, princely and playful voice propels “Forest Queen,” royally convincing you he’s having a ton of fun, a swirl of dancers around him. In fact, we kept hearing a pronounced theatricality in these recordings (helped by strong orchestration) that more than suggests musical theater. “Ice Orkestra” has a similar entertainment value, an energy that is enjoyable to hear. “Big City” is a straightforward electro-rocker that we found less satisfying. We strongly urge this artist/ composer to make inroads into the film/TV realm, particularly animated musicals.

Score: 8.2 / 10
Ventsmagazine (USA)
You won’t hear an album like this all year. Maybe longer. The strings and pure pop stylings colliding in the opener, “Ice Orkestra”, are enough to dispel any initial doubts about the band’s potential. It’s understandable, in 2015, that eyebrows arch when anyone, much less a relatively unproven musician and writer, claims they are introducing something truly new. Hearing this fusion of classical and pop elements never produces an expected style clash or finds one mode in the ascendant over the other. Instead, the elements seem to work in counterpoint with each other and the resulting tension deepens the melodic layers as well.
All Whats Rock (UK)
“Breaking the Ice” is an enveloping typhoon of sound. The term blitz-rock is accurate, because the music seemingly attacks from all sides all at once and has a very surrounding capability. The evidence of Smirnov’s classical training and influences are apparent right at the first song. The tune “Ice Orkestra” consists of an exuberant violin section, yet the song has very catchy rock hooks as well as an excellent sense of melody. Many of the songs on “Breking the Ice” feature an all out assault of fantastic musicianship and rich melodic layering.
Skope (USA)
In a world full of new genres and trends flying around, Privet Earth might seem confusing as they contain so many cool ways to answer to that, and it certainly is an interesting twist they bring to get there, with a great voice that can tend to lose the listener but always finds them again before a song is over.
BandBlurb (USA)
From Forest Queen to Feeling, this is a powerful alternative rock release with a very poppy edge to it. The music isn’t as all over the map as the vocals, but they contrast one another so perfectly you don’t notice hardly a bump in the road, other than to say there is some rather uniquely odd vocal mannerisms on “Breaking The Ice.”
Indiemunity (USA)
The voice is a good leader in everything to be found in this music, yet at the same time he’s no Frank Sinatra, so he simply knows how to use what he’s got, and it works no matter how you see it. As the disc wears on you can’t help but wonder where they were ten or fifteen years ago. They’d be written on every kid’s Pee Chee.
Interview for LA Talk Radio (USA)
In case you missed our 1 hour long blitz-rock blasting interview with Ilona Europa on Accent On! program at LA Talk Radio, you can listen to it now in archives:
Interview for Premier Russian Radio (USA)
Listen to Privet EARTH first Russian interview in America on Premier Russian Radio


Interview for Digital Earbuds Blog (USA)
I discovered Ivan and his band, Privet Earth, after they won the Fiat Band Prix battle of the bands by getting the most listener votes to out distance over 6000 other artists. And like most discoveries, I was hooked on my first listen to the song, Forest Queen (see video below). So slapped down some cash and bought their album, "Breaking the Ice" and my earbuds haven't been the same since. Figuring that was good enough to qualify for my blog, I reached out to Ivan. Thus, a collaboration begins. I'm proud to share our e/interview which made me an even bigger fan.
Interview for The HUB (USA)
We talked to some veteran guitar players and gearhounds to get their take on amplifiers and other musical equipment. They discussed their favorite amps, their must-have gear, and their own musical stylings, and they offered advice for beginners. Check out their ideas and advice when it comes to all things loud.
Teen View Music (USA)
Even if they had a mainstream vocalist, some differences could still be made between Privet Earth and your average pop band. For instance, there are guitar solos, however brief they may be. Additionally, the drums—although not deeply intense—add a rock-ish sound that isn't commonly heard in pop music. They have a more edgy, Stars in Stereo-esque style of pop music. Don't get me wrong, they still have the traditional pop aspects (constantly upbeat, oftentimes lacking of a bass line, etc.); they just don't allow that to dominate their sound. I can't say this is a band where I would buy all their music or stand in line for hours just to purchase a concert ticket, but they are definitely something special. Privet Earth is not a band to be ignored; they have something to offer to the music world.
The Hollywood Reporter (USA)
January 21st 2014. Grammy issue. Page 20.

Uberrock (UK)
Ivan Smirnoff has created a commercial sounding rock album that mixes things up and could well appeal to the masses if pushed in the right direction. Their sound is quite hard to pigeon-hole which is a good thing and refreshing to hear, a bit of Foxy Shazam here, a good dose of Mika there, it just sounds nice to my ears this Blitz-Rock thing. Smirnoff's range is simply quite stunning, the way he soars to those seemingly unreachable, ball-breaking notes with ease and a good dose of campness for good measure. If you are after something a bit different, want to be a bit adventurous or even hanker for something a bit quirky and pop-tastic then Privet Earth! could be your next port of call. (USA)
The man has a voice. My God does he have a voice that is so needed in a genre that currently has all the personality of the corpse of a librarian. I think he can do it. I think he can save rock. Well…let me rethink that. I won't say he will save Rock music because Rock music has turned into an old, rusted out Dodge that sits out in the weather absorbing endless bird shit. But, I will say that he might be able to start the engine and give it a couple of loud ass revs as a calling to others to help tow the genre back into the sight of the discerning public.
VH1 interviews PRIVET EARTH!
GetReadyToRock (UK)
Ivan Smirnov has created an act that is clearly aimed at radio and with catchy songs such as those on this EP, there is no reason why the band shouldn’t do well.
Interview with Radiostar TV (Italy)
Metalliville (UK)
A recommended look at a largely deserving new star in action. Smirnov served on extra rocks! (USA)
After listening to the album for the tenth time I am left though with one great question. Is Ivan Smirnov the lucky cavemen who accidently discovered fire or is he the pure genius of Albert Einstein with his Theory of Relativity? I can't believe that someone could put together an album this good by chance.
ConcreteWeb (Belgium)
All songs are a confirmation of the style already displayed on the debut, meaning you get a nice mix of '70/ '80s Hard Rock and Classical with progressive twists and vocals styling’s to-di-for! (USA)
There is something about Smirnov. I'm not sure whether if it’s his ability to write a Rock melody that rises and sores high overhead like a screaming Phoenix or if it’s because his songs are so good that they pull you in like good music should. In reality I really don’t care what the reason is just as long as this guy keeps providing me with music that is a failsafe for any day. Do yourself a favor and go to and stream this EP or listen to the provided media player for a taste and hear for yourself what natural ability sounds like.
Ventura Star Channel (USA)

Modern rock magazine (USA)
Do yourself a favor & check out SMIRNOV, it’s a reminder that there is really good new music out there. You just don’t always hear in on the corporate radio stations. Investigate & discover new music, it’s just takes a little more work these days…. but well worth it.
Interview at the “After Grammy Jammy”

Power play (UK)
Worth an hour of yours or anyone's time. Perhaps this is Smirnov's time.
Black Velvet (UK)
The indie sounds don't really set them apart. Smirnov are unique in other ways, especially the insane singings of Ivan Smirnov.
KYHY Rock Alternative Station (interview)

Metallus (Italy)
Well, by purchasing this CD you can gain the following advantages - amuse your friends at the traffic light by rocking out with your car radio, show your taste for the unknown and make some chick believe that you are a romantic, deep down in your heart. Why not? Isn’t that how you amuse yourself from time to time?
Uberrock (UK)
Fans of Steve Wilson and Porcupine Tree will probably love it, fans of Faster Pussycat and Iron Maiden won't.
SMIRNOV in Freezone magazine (Radiostar TV, Italy)

Interview with MuzikReviews (USA)
First of all, I think it’s a very exciting time in music, yet very difficult! It’s a time of transition. Indies are getting more power everyday because of the digital revolution. It’s kind of overwhelming and great because of all the sub genres in rock itself. The major labels used to control a lot more 20 years ago. Indies are now able to form their own labels. I hope that times are going to change for the better for good rock music. Rock is the honesty of our society. “Where do I fit in?” I’m trying to get straight to the point with my music.
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