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"BULL-S" Music Video Released!

June 3rd, 2016

Hot summer is here! Primaries are around the corner!
Perfect time to blitz with Privet EARTH brand new music video "BULL-S" and not let dirty politicians fool ya this time!
Take off your clothes and enjoy!


One of 25 Best New Music Acts in North America

December 2015

A well-known US music publication "Music Connection" has published their annual "Top 25 Best New Music Critiques" list, including PRIVET EARTH as one of the highest scorers!

Top Rated International Artist of All Time

November 2015

On November 23rd, 2015  Italy's Radiostar TV Music Channel has officially named Privet EARTH their "Sono gli artisti internazionali più votati di sempre" , which means in Italian :

"The Top Rated International Artist of All Time!"

 Privet Earth's new video "Big City" has been residing on top of the charts in Rome for over 11 consecutive weeks now! And that number is growing.

Blitz-Rock Runs in the Family

November 2015

PRIVET EARTH joins the likes of Pharrel Williams, Shaggy and Sofia Reyes as one of FIAT's favorite music acts on Facebook !

"Big city" Music Video Released!

August 2015

Drum roll!!!!.... Action!!!! We present to you our newest music video endeavor in collaboration with FIAT USA : BIG CITY. Dance the night away and share it with your friends! Blitz-rock!!!


Privet EARTH Italian week

May 2015

It's truly an Italian week in the world of Privet EARTH! In addition to our upcoming music video with FIAT USA, Emergenza Musicale Magazine has just released a video summary of what Ivan Smirnov does in his "spare" time! :)))


Forest Queen hitting Australian TV

Arpil 2015

Privet Earth's single "Forest Queen" (of the album "Breaking the ice") is hitting Australian TV and Air waves on May 1st 2015!

Please tune in and request "Forest Queen" at Foxtel networks V Hits, Channel V, Smooth, Max and Radio stations Melbourne 102.7 FM RRR and Sydney FBI 94.5 FM Radio!

Please watch the full version of the video here:



PRIVET EARTH – 2015 Music Critics Darling

Februar 2015

US and UK well known indie music publications (Vents and All Whats Rock) simultaneously give Privet Earth's new album "Breaking The Ice" the highest score - 10/10 stars!!!




Release Dates

December 2014

Blitz-Rockers! We are very excited to announce the Release Dates for Privet EARTH 's Lead single "Forest Queen" and "Breaking The Ice" album, due to be released via Spectra Music Group!

"Forest Queen" - January 20th, 2015.
It's going to be released digitally in all major online stores such as iTunes,, Rhapsody and more Worldwide.

"Breaking The Ice" - March 10th, 2015
It's going to be released digitally in all major online stores Worldwide, and physically in US major retail chains such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and more.

Stay tuned for more details!!! BLITZZ


Dive Video Presented

September 2014

This underwater journey has begun last October!... And finally, after getting wet A LOT and almost drowning (in some cases ;)), PRIVET EARTH is proud to present: DIVE! Spasibo!!!


"Breaking The Ice" To Be Released
On Spectra Music Group In 2015

August 6th 2014

Ivan Smirnov (Privet Earth) inks a deal with Spectra Music Group to promote and distribute Privet Earth’s second studio album “Breaking the Ice” worldwide!
Spectra Music Group is the largest independent music label in North America (possibly, in the world) with offices in New York, South Carolina, Canada, Germany and Australia. BLITZ!!!



New bassist

April 11th 2014

We blitz-rocked Molly Malone's in Hollywood with our new bassist - Deanna Thomas!



Interview for LA Talk Radio

April, 2014

In case you missed our 1 hour long blitz-rock blasting interview with Ilona Europa on Accent On! program at LA Talk Radio, you can listen to it now in archives:


Interview for Premier Russian Radio

April, 2014

Listen to Privet EARTH first Russian interview in America on Premier Russian Radio


"Breaking the Ice" is finally on Itunes!

March, 2014

All yours Blitz-Rockers!

Interview for Digital Earbuds

March, 2014

Check out Digital Earbuds Entertainment Blog, Issue 12, featuring Privet EARTH.

It was an interesting interview!...

Interview for The HUB

March, 2014

For all the guitar gear freaks, check out this article from The Hub, featuring Ivan Smirnov of Privet EARTH

Band Of The Week in Teen View Music

March, 2014

Privet EARTH is A BAND OF THE WEEK in Teen View Music magazine (Long Beach, CA). Check out the review:

Even if they had a mainstream vocalist, some differences could still be made between Privet Earth and your average pop band. For instance, there are guitar solos, however brief they may be. Additionally, the drums—although not deeply intense—add a rock-ish sound that isn't commonly heard in pop music. They have a more edgy, Stars in Stereo-esque style of pop music. Don't get me wrong, they still have the traditional pop aspects (constantly upbeat, oftentimes lacking of a bass line, etc.); they just don't allow that to dominate their sound. I can't say this is a band where I would buy all their music or stand in line for hours just to purchase a concert ticket, but they are definitely something special. Privet Earth is not a band to be ignored; they have something to offer to the music world.

#1 Artist on Reverbnation in ALL GENRES!!!

March, 4, 2014

PRIVET EARTH hit # 1 Artist on Reverbnation in ALL GENRES!!!

#1 in the World

February 2014

PRIVET EARTH! surpassed Papa Roach, Motley Crue, Blondie, Chaka Khan ect.. to become # 1 rated Rock Band in the World, according to Reverbnation charts.

PRIVET EARTH is a featured artist of the week on Reverbnation

February 2014

We did the impossible!

November 2013

We beat the odds!

5000 - to - 1 !!!

And we have become that one single band, who's going to Miami to appear on VH1's "Top 20 Video Countdown" on December 6th (airing on December 14th) !!!
Thank you all for your votes and support!!!

Privet Earth!

Rank #1 On The ReverbNation

July 2013

Yes, it's happened! Privet Earth! is # 1 Band in Los Angeles on Reverbnation charts (Motley Crue is #2). We're also # 3 Nationally and in the World! Thank you to all our Reverb fans! You blitz-rock!!!!!!

The Soldiers Of Blitz-Rock

New Name – New Line Up – New Design!

April 2013

Yes, our band's new name is PRIVET EARTH! (No longer SMIRNOV)

The band has also added new members to its line up, so now PRIVET EARTH! are:

Ivan Smirnov – vocals, guitars, piano.
Megan Mullins – drums.
Shannon Deane – bass.

Our web site has also undergone a major change and has become faster and easire to navigate. Thanks to our kick ass web designer Anton Chorny!

PRIVET EARTH! in TOP 10 Globally

April 2013

"PRIVET EARTH!" keeps climbing up the ReverbNation charts, becoming # 2 rated band in Los Angeles (next only to Motley Crue!), entering the TOP 5 Nationally (USA) and the TOP 10 Globally (including ALL GENRES charts)!

Thank you to all our Reverbnation fans!!!

PRIVET EARTH cracks the TOP 10 rock bands in Los Angeles

January 2013

PRIVET EARTH cracks the TOP 10 rock bands in Los Angeles (reaching #7) and the Top 20 bands in USA (reaching #19), according to the well-known music site ReverbNation.

Watch and vote!

January 2013

The second year in a row, PRIVET EARTH makes "Video Top 5" on Radiostar TV in Rome, Italy. This time it's the "Forest Queen" video.

Watch and vote here!

Finally, a new video clip

December 2012

You can get this single now at ReverbNation.

PRIVET EARTH visits his homeland Russia

June – July 2012

After a 9 year break, Ivan Smirnov visits his homeland Russia and performs 4 solo shows there. The concerts took place in “Kamchatka club” (June 24th, Saint-Petersburg), Kremlin Square (June 30th, Vologda), Revolution Square (July 8th, Vologda) and Kamerny Theater (July 22nd, Vologda). The July 8th show was aired on the regional TV channel “Russky Sever”. Ivan was also interviewed by the Vologda’s regional radio on the 25th of July.

Top rated in Italy!!!

Early 2012

PRIVET EARTH videos for “The Saddest boy in the world” and “A Phuken Angel” are #1 and #2 TOP RATED videos on Radiostar TV in Italy!!! After 5 weeks on Radiostar’s Top 5, “The saddest boy in the world” single is featured on 100.5 FM in Rome! The songs stayed in TOP 5 for 13 consecutive weeks!

3 new tracks

Late 2011

PRIVET EARTH has finished recording 3 new tracks “Give it to the wind”, “Feeling” and “Evrika”, thus completing the “ICE” EP.

July Parade

July 4th 2011

PRIVET EARTH rocked the 2011 Ontario’s 4th of July Parade. Performance was telecast LIVE on several Cable Television Networks to the audience of 10 000 000 viewers in California, USA.

Grammy Ballot

Early 2011

NARA has placed PRIVET EARTH on the ballot for the 2011 Grammy Awards in two categories:
1. Best Rock performance by a duo or group with vocals (The Sunshine never cries, The Saddest Boy in the World).
2. Best Rock Song (The Saddest boy in the World).

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